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Temperature Profile Spectroscopy
  • Rapid collection of Temperature-Dependent UV/Visible Spectra
  • Three Dimensional UV/Visible Spectra (Absorbance vs. Wavelength vs. Temperature)
  • Determination of Thermal and Thermodynamic Properties: Tm, ΔG, ΔH, ΔS
  • Unique Experiments - Temperature gradient stepping, scanning, and zooming
  • Study Thermally Unstable Molecules
IBET, Inc. has developed a novel method, Temperature Profile Spectroscopy (TPS), for rapid measurement of the optical absorbance as a function of temperature. IBET has designed and built a device that implements TPS. The TPS cell can be packaged with an included light source and CCD spectrophotometer as a stand alone instrument or can be employed as an accessory to an existing spectrophotometer via fiber optic connections.

Reductions of 25 to 100 fold in the time required for a thermodynamic characterization of biological macromolecules in solution are achieved by TPS. The resultant acceleration of sample throughput will permit biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories to implement thermodynamic screening of candidate molecules for a variety of applications.

The potential applications of TPS are wide-ranging. Most applications will be based on characterizing and exploiting the spectral, thermal and thermodynamic properties of biomacromolecules and biomolecular interactions, including protein denaturation, nucleic acid strand separation, and biomolecule-drug interactions. Further applications in chemistry include monitoring of thermally-induced small molecule ligand exchange and ionization reactions.

TPS also provides means to perform experiments that are not possible with current instrumentation. Many molecules degrade or precipitate during the long exposures to high temperature characteristic of conventional "melting" experiments. The speed of TPS reduces the exposure time making previously impossible experiments a reality. TPS also provides means to obtain spectra at very high temperature resolution.

Temperature Profile Spectroscopy

Application Notes
Protein Denaturation - Cytochrome c

Constructing Melting Curves from TPS Data